Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey, Family and Friends!

Well, this last Tuesday we waited for the new missionaries to arrive and then we showed them the area of Pirayu and told them of the successes that we had experienced and who we had been working with.  They seem excited to continue and harvest what we had seeded.  I arrived to Puerto Pabla Tuesday and I have to say the members here are great.  There is a great friendship between the quorum members.  At last a ward that functions well.  It really motivated me to get to work and we have continued with one progressing investigator and we found another that came to church this Sunday!!!

My new companion is from my group in the mission and is from Rafeal Castillo, Buenos Aries, Argentina. His name is Elder Luis Paredes.  He will be going home six weeks after me and is super excited to get to work and baptize.

So the two that we had in the meetings this week are:

1) Griselda and Cristian!! Cristian is a member that had parted from the church for some time due to the breaking of the law of Chastity.  Elder Paredes had found them about 2 months ago and they have now attended for 3 week in a row.  We had been planning the marriage and baptism with them for this coming Saturday.  However, Cristian received a job on a boat this last Thursday and will be headed out for around 20+/- days so the wedding and baptism will be postponed until he returns.

2) Carlos and Sonia!!! Sonia is the niece of an amazing member and she is also a member and has two children. Carlos broke his leg during a moto accident on Christmas and will be operated upon tomorrow, if he is lucky!!!  On Tuesday, we ate lunch with the aunt and she told us to come back latter to teach them.  So we did and we watched the movie of John Tanner and he loved it!! We went back Saturday and taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he really opened up to us and learned a lot.  We arranged so that he could come to church and he came.  However they live in Concepcion and are only here  for the surgery and for some time after, so we will be teaching him and passing the reference to the missionaries up there and they will have a real milagro (miracle)!!!!

The Gospel is true and when people accept it and actually apply it in their lives they change, we change and the world changes, one person at a time.

I love you all.  May we all serve the only true God!

Elder Call

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