Monday, February 15, 2016

An Alright Week

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was alright!! Super sad, because we heard that Koki fell into the temptation to smoke and the trip to the temple has been canceled until proven that he can conquer this addiction.  He is still fighting against it and we will be encouraging him along the way to the temple.

On Wednesday, the elders from Ypacarai came and the four of us worked here.  Elder Lopez and I had some great success and set appointments for almost all of Friday, which made me super excited. However, Thursday we went to Ypacarai to do the same thing and we also had a great time there teaching.  But, Elder Evans has had a rash in his armpit for the last two weeks or so and showed it to Elder Lopez and he call and made Elder Evans go to the hospital on Friday, which really was a bummer because I wanted to show up to the appointments we had made.  Nevertheless, we went and he has an infection in his armpit that is spreading up to his neck!!!  So it was good we went.  We passed by all of the people we had set appointments to meet and the majority of them were not at home.

Sunday morning, we passed by Milciades before we went to church and he said he was going to go, so we went to set up the Sacrament and do all the other preparations for the meeting.  He didn’t make it to church!!  We did have 22 people in church this week so that was nice to see and the Spirit is being felt more among the members now than it was when we arrived here.  They seem to have a bit more Hope that things will be alright.  Here we speak at the least once a month, both of us and I have become very comfortable in front of them teaching in Spanish.  I think it would be difficult to teach in English because all of the scriptures that I know are in Spanish.

We will be going back to the hospital in this next week and we have interviews with Presidente on Friday.

Love you all tons!
Love, Elder Call

Some pics of a beautiful sunset and of the district at the House of the Mother of God, Tupasu Roga.

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