Monday, February 22, 2016

We Can Repent Every Day

Dear Family and Friends,

This last week sure has been interesting.  It started out with Satan winning and me being frustrated and lacking desires to go to work.  However, we did see some beautiful mercies of God as we taught some great people.  On Thursday, we had a great lesson with Milciades, who we thought had just stood us up at church the last week, and found out that he had just been confused as to where the church was at.  We taught him of the Sabbath Day, which he understood very well.  We then asked him if there was anything that we could do for him and he expressed that he does not need any temporal things and that he doesn’t worry about any of that, but that his only worry/desire is that we continue teaching him and that he can be baptized!!!!!! It was like a red rose in the middle of a dry desert.  My heart rebosed with joy as he arrived at church Sunday all by himself and as the members showed him so much care.

On Saturday, Milciades sent us to the home of his daughter and we have a lesson planned for tonight at 6!!!  They seem like great people that will be a huge strength to the church here in Pirayu!!!

The interview with Presidente was amazing.  It was a huge changing point in my week as the Spirit of God helped me clear up my mind and erase the big lies that our opposition had placed in there.  We talked a lot about what we thought could be done there to help the church grow.  Also, during this time I realized that I have no need to let myself complain neither that I could allow myself to give up, but that I had to work and push through it and be happy.

We had a great day Saturday and Sunday filled with just a solid feeling that we were doing our part.

WHY is it when at last we have someone come to church that can be baptized, they take me out?!!!!!  I will be going to the Puetro Pabla Ward with Elder Paredes.

The Gospel is great and I love the chance we have every day to repent and become better people.

Elder Call

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