Monday, February 1, 2016

A Honey of a Week

Hello family and friends:

So this past week was good, in which more people were brought to church and a ton of people felt the spirit and love of Christ for them.  So on Tuesday, we had divisions with the elders in Ypacari and most importantly from the day, is that we set a lesson with an inactive member that we had not visited for some time and she was happy to see us again.  We talked about our great debt to God using the words of King Benjamin and she about started to cry and told us the reasoning why she doesn’t come to church anymore, which is a crazy story and quite sad. But she wants to go to church a ton and this next week I believe that she will do just that, because next week is when another member does not go to church!!!!! Ahhhh

Also that day, after teaching the next lesson of temple prep class for the Bazan family they gave us some fresh honey and honeycomb, which was the first time I tried that.  It was super sweet!!!

Honey Removal
Wednesday, we had a zone conference where we repassed the mission rules and standards.

Thursday we were out in Costa Jhu doing some good ol’ tracting, when we saw that the Brother Bazan was already home from work, so we stopped by to say, “Hi” and he asked us if we wanted to see how the honey was removed.  So Duh, we went and watched and really gave that family a laugh!!!=) oh, I wanted to get pictures and so I was up there close by him when I thought I probably shouldn’t be so close, it was already too late.  Hahaha, needless to say I am glad I am not allergic to bees.

Elder Evans on the right
On Friday, we found the husband of Romi, a lady that we have been working with and shared with him and he liked it a lot but when the time came; he did not go to church.

Elder Evans eating the honey comb
Well this week the only endowed member here became pist off at the Branch Pres. and all the leaders here in Pirayu, because they asked him to sign and do an analysis of needs before they extended to him the Bishop’s Storehouse, because of this the ex-presidente also turned red and they both have vowed to take down the church until there is a change here in Pirayu!!! AAAHHH y bueno.

On Sunday, at 9:00 am, there were only eight people in the church one of them being Jorge Ortiz, our eternagator, but right before we started several more came and a YSA member brought like six of her member friends from Asuncion, so that was nice to see.  Elder Evans and I both had talks and they went really well.

The Gospel is true and this work will go forward whether or not the people fight against it or not. They may as well join to it because it really is the only intelligent thing to do.

I love you all!  Keep up the good work and always look to improve.
I love you tons,
Elder Call

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