Monday, February 8, 2016


Hello, to all you friendly folks.

Hey, so this week I will highlight the things that went well.  We have earned the confidence of the Bazan Family and we have been preparing them for the temple.  This Saturday, they will have their interviews with the Mission President and on the 20th, we will be going to the temple with them.  That is if they pass their interviews.

A long time ago they had told us how all of their neighbors had met and shared with the missionaries a lot and never progressed.  However, we had been doing quite a bit of tracking and telling them of the situations of each of the people we were meeting with and they started talking about several other neighbors whom we had not yet visited.  One of them lives in the nicest house in that zone and they told us how they had a really old Book of Mormon and they had read it completely, which caught our interest a lot.  So last Thursday, we passed by them and they received us really well, but there are no men that live in the house so we didn’t stay long,  just long enough to see the book and understand a little about how they came in contact with the church and planed a visit for tomorrow in the afternoon. She told us how she likes the Book of Mormon but just can’t accept Joseph Smith, so we asked her to be prepared with questions for us to answer and she said that she would and she would like us to come with the answer if Joseph Smith practiced polygamy.  So we have been preparing to be able to help her understand why it was necessary that that practice was restored.  (This is the only point of the Restoration that I DO NOT like!!!)  Well, I hope that we can explain it well to them and their minds are opened so that the Holy Ghost can confirm the truth of the Gospel to them.

Yesterday we passed by an elderly man named Miciades that we had visited before and dropped because we weren’t sure if he understood us and he received us super well and now would like to come to church. He told us that he likes this church a lot more than his current church.

 Last Saturday, we had a devotional from the area of South America South where they expressed their concerns and helped us see the things that God has asked us to do as blessings in place of homework.  It was really good.

This church is true.  The Gospel will move forward and there is no force in this world or out of it that will stop it. The truth will always prevail.  May we seek diligently for the truth!

I love you all,
Elder Call  

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