Monday, January 25, 2016


Hola, Family and Friends

Sounds like you all are being pounded with snow lately. How good for the rivers and lakes this year!!!! As for down here in Paraguay, we have stayed up in the 100’s every day for the past little while. I am glad it doesn’t get any hotter.

The work is going pretty slowly, however, we are achieving something huge with Koki, the Elders Quorum President.  He is still clean without a single smoke or drink in more than 12 days!!!! So that was and is super fun to see the progress here. Yesterday, we learned that two of the converts of Elder Evans are cousins to Koki and go to his house de vez en cuando, so that was awesome.  They were going to come this Sunday but then they didn’t and they say they will next Sunday, so he is super excited to see them again!!!

This week we started the temple preparation classes for the family Bazan and they are still going strong yea!!!! That is 2 weeks now without smoking nor drinking!!!!! yeassss it is sweet seeing the grand change in the people even if he is the only one!!! While we were there talking we found out why Koki had not wanted to be baptized until 2 years after his wife and it was because of the example that his other family members who were and are members had given and were giving him!!! So that shed some light unto why their cousins whom we have been working with have a lack of desire to go to church or be involved. I am saddened with the fact that we cannot count on the examples of the current members for help in the changing process of converts. I think of the times when the members of the church in the time of Alma the younger were caught up in pride and how he had gone forth and called them to repentance and if they did not repent their names were taken off the records and the people were conserved pure and delightable to God!!!

Anyways, we are working with some members from CFA centro familia de Adoracion and they are progressing a little bit.  However hard we try to emphasis that they need to read the Book of Mormon, but they just aren’t doing it and they did not come this week to church because they have compromises (obligations) in their church.

We are fighting and helping many see the hand of God in their lives. Also, while talking with the presidenta of the Relief Society she told us how before she was a member, things simply didn’t seem bad. She said they would go to a party drink a couple of beers and to have sex were just normal, but then she obtained knowledge and is so glad and grateful that she has now learned and can teach her children in righteousness. It made me soooo sad to hear of the negligence that exists and the lack of understanding and teachings and I want the people to learn.

It is my desire that you all can be examples to members and non-members alike; that you hold on to the principles and standards of the gospel, like the only life jacket in the lake. Really you are a light to these people, so make it shine and don’t leave them in the darkness. Please.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Call

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