Monday, January 11, 2016

Pretty Good Week

Dear Family and Friends:

This week started out pretty well.  We went out to Costa Jhu to see why the Young Women’s Presidente wasn’t coming to church anymore.  Well, she moved and is living in Asuncion with her aunt and works there!!!  We have started a plan of references with several members, where for 21 days they think of 20 people and pray for them and be better those 21 days than normal and have specific reading assignments to go along with it. The president of the Relief Society is super excited about it and is doing it and the first night that we shared it with her she says that she dreamed about one family the entire night, so we will allow her to finish preparing them so that they meet with that family and us and we can share with them!!! That got me super excited!!!

Helping move a closet
Other than that, on Wednesday, a family Duarte, who gave us a ride one day, texted us and said we wouldn´t be able to meet with him that day but rather the next day.  So we went Thursday and they were awesome and really they were decided that of course they were going to go to church this Sunday, but they did not come neither did they answer their phone. =( We will see what happens this week.

On Friday, we had divisions and helped the elders change out a closet from their house and Saturday we had a branch activity, which after all the complaining from the in-actives, a great number of them showed up. And we see that food has great power unto the softening of hearts!!!

Transfers are this Wednesday and so we will see what will be happening with us, if we stay one more change or who goes.

The power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is immeasurable and really can tear down mountains of sorrow, despair and doubt.  Let us strive to obtain more and more glory for our King.

I love you all and hope the best for your week.
Love, Elder Call

At the branch activity

Christmas finally arrived.

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