Monday, January 18, 2016


Hi, Family & Friends!

Here is the update of Elder Evans and me and our week. This past week and the way that we do transfer was changed and those who leave the area go to the next area alone and the other waits, so we had a small conference Tuesday in Caacupe to learn a bit more about that. We received our transfers while we were there and we both stay in Pirayu for another 6 weeks!!!  Right after that was announced, one of the other elders shouted ''Elder Evans, YOU CAN DO IT'' hahahah, not too many of the other missionaries understood what that was all about. But he is feeling a little bit better.

After the announcement that we would stay we put the goal to help the Elders Quorum President drop smoking and drinking because that was his goal from the 1st of the year.  We shared the story of Esther and this Saturday, with his whole family and the president of the branch, we did a group fast so that this great mountain could be removed from between them and the temple!!!!!  It has now been more than 5 days since he last smoked and is going strong!!!!!

Also, a member brought her friend to church and he liked it a lot especially the class of principios del evangelio (Gospel Principles class) so that was awesome.  However, Matias lives in Ypacari, so we sent the reference over there.  Sometimes I wonder if our efforts are in vain because we work a ton and then generally the only people who get baptized are the friends of members.

We are continuing to work with the Duarte family, so they can attend church.  The mother doesn’t like it very much and does not want to leave her family traditions behind.

We have been teaching a Grandpa with a daughter and two granddaughters and they are liking it a lot. However, they went to a birthday party Saturday night and didn’t get home until late and didn’t wake up for church so this next week that is going to change!!

I love you all very much and hope that you have a great week.
Elder Call

Mom, I hope that you and Dad are having a blast floating around the ocean.  Just imagine the 344 day that the Jaredites were floating!!! I imagine that that was much longer than desired hahaha. One week is much better.

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