Monday, January 4, 2016

Sweet Time

Hey Family & Friends:

What a week! Elder Evans and I have had a sweet time together.  We talked to a ton of new people and, well, we might see some progress with a couple of them.

We went back to the familia Ramirez and the mother had actually studied history and was super interested with the tie of the Great White God in the Americas and the personal ministry of Jesus Christ in America.  I hope that she will read and ask God if it is true.

Yesterday even though not many people came to church, almost every single one of them bore their testimonies and the spirit really testified of the truthfulness of the words spoken.

We went back to the family that stood us up for Christmas dinner and all is back to good!!  However, the mother still did not talk with us and they told us that they don’t like the Presidente de Rama (branch president). The story of my life! haha Every last member is mad at the president and I don’t know how to be able to fix that.

We did find the house of the mother of a members son`s girlfriend and she was so nice.  She really is an amazing person and we are working with her a ton because she gives a lot of credit to her being able to ''get on her feet'' to the Virgin Mary, but with time and Love we will achieve that she becomes a member!!!! As well as her daughter and the son of the member!!!

With that said this area has a ton of problems but I love this little area more than the majority of my others and hope that many people can feel the immense love that Jesus has for each one of us. I love being a missionary and am so happy for this privilege.

I love you all a full
Love, Elder Call

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