Monday, March 7, 2016

Huge Tender Mercies

Dear Family & Friends:

Wow, as for tender mercies, there were many huge ones!!!

Monday and Tuesday, we passed working hard.  However, we were somewhat sad that we were going to have to wait until Christian gets back from his work. Wednesday, we were over teaching the family of Griselda and she and Christian walk in.  The rest of that night Elder Paredes and I were asking each other what had happened and why Christian was still here.  Thursday, during planning, we had just finished planning for them and we received a phone call asking us if they could still get married this Saturday and Griselda be baptized!!!!! Yea, of course so we arrange everything up and it all went perfectly so beautiful.

Griselda is set on going to the temple in one year and it is just so cool!!!

Minutes before the baptism the bishop asks, “Why doesn’t Christian baptize her?”  They quick looked on the records and ya, he is a priest.  He has an interview with the bishop, all is great and he baptizes her.

Also, Carlos and Sonia came again this week and we didn’t even make arrangements for them to come.  They did it by themselves which is a good step towards progression and we are looking to baptizing them.  We will see what happens.

Love you all and remember faith is measured by obedience.

Love, Elder Call

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