Monday, March 28, 2016


Dear Family and Friends:

The Holy Week was amazing!! It really was cool to us to see how God has answered our many prayers. This past week we have been running super low on money and we really weren’t sure what we were going to do for food and buses this week so, we prayed and luckily it was the holiday season, because we didn’t pass a single day without someone offering us some food.

Apart from that, this past week was my birthday and the birthday of my companion.  His was on the 25th of March, so we planned an activity with the ward, a talent show and in the morning an activity with the younger kids. We all had a good time and laughed a ton.

Anyways, this week Cesar didn’t attend church.  He went and played soccer with his friends, so we have a good ol' plan to help him understand to put God first!!!!

Also, we are sharing with a man by the name of Wilson Rojas and we are seeing some good process in his changes.  It is super exciting!!  He has been well prepared to receive the gospel, but his work makes it almost impossible to share with him. He wants to believe, but has many doubts because of the science theories. He is excited to come and watch General Conference this week which will be amazing.

It really is mind boggling sometimes how God performs all of his work. By small and simple things, He can make great things come to pass. We just have to let Him and give ourselves to Him.

Hope you all had a great Easter and will remember Him always.

Elder Call

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