Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Just Live It

Dear Family and Friends,

The mission life is going great. Elder Paredes and I are getting along really well and enjoying our time together. And once again we had a week with several miracles.

Griselda and Cristian are doing great and Griselda brought a friend to church that has been a member for a long time and her husband so that was super cool to watch her share the gospel with her friends.

Also, Carlos and Sonia are progressing incredibly.  We watched “Together Forever,” talked a little about marriage and baptism and went back another day just to talk with Carlos.  Saturday, when we were talking with them both Carlos realized that he had to sí o sí get married to her and like NOW. So they are going to have a wedding this Friday and Carlos will be baptized right afterwards!!!!! At church yesterday, I was talking a bit with Carlos and everything and he mentions that he just has to share this (the gospel) with his brothers and help them understand why, which is because he loves how he feels now and the peace that it has brought into his life!!!

We have also been sharing with the Molas family.  Most of them are members menos (less or except) the oldest son, Cesar.  Well after they all arrived at the church for the first time in months with all of them other than the father, who is not a member.

It really is amazing that, as people understand the Gospel and then apply it into their lives, life gets better, a lot better, confidence raises, anger lowers and there is a lot more love in the house.  It (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) is true and the only smart thing to do is live it.

I love you all!
Elder Call

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