Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Dear Family & Friends:

As for my week, it was great.  I sure did love it. Transfers were this week where Elder Paredes and I stayed and will be staying for another six weeks.  They changed up some rules this week and now we are assigned to wards or branches and we can work in the entire area now. So the four missionaries in Puerto Pabla will be working together and simply more unified!!  We hope that it will all work out and that we can help more people join the church. 

It is hot here, but feels like the temps have dropped quite a bit.  The investigators are doing great; however, none of them attended which almost made me super mad.  But, hey, they are the only ones that lose.  My favorite talk was by Elder Gary Stevenson about the keys of the kingdom and also the talk by Elder Dallin H Oaks about the perfect Plan of God and how every last element to that plan is necessary so that we can have a eternal family. 

What Elder Gary Stevenson said really hit me like a car we cannot enter unless we have the keys and the power of the car doesn’t work unless we have the keys.  It is a straight parallel with the Kingdom of God, we also can’t enter unless someone has the keys. Having said that, all of our generations that were born before 1820 are without a doubt locked outside unless we let them in!!  Please, I invite you all to prepare for the opening of the Star Valley Temple by preparing as many names to go and do their ordinances in the Holy Temple of God . 

We should all imagine us in the temple and in the heavens as an eternal family.  It is a worthy thing to fight for. 

We are working with a HUGE family and we will see that they progress.  It is the only smart thing that they can do.

Love you all!
Elder Call

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