Monday, April 18, 2016

Great Blessings

Hello Family,

This week was a sweet week. First of all we found some great blessings.

We had five people at Sacrament Meeting, Deila, Cecilia, Cesar, Monica and Jasmin, which was awesome. Cesar has finally decided to be baptized and will be baptized the 30 of April!!!!! As for the rest of them, we are looking for a little more time down the road.  Deila is about to finish up a divorce so that she can get married and then baptized. Anais did not come to church this week because she was sleepy y bueno.  We are going to take that out of her!!!! I forgot my camera to send pics of the baptism.  I will have to do that next week.  However, we are doing great and working hard and making the most out of the last two months in Paraguay.

Today we went to clean the temple and ate super late, so this will be all folks for today since we are short on time.

Love you all,
Elder Call

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