Monday, April 25, 2016

Great Week

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, this week has been great. The weather has been wonderful.

The only sad thing that happened this week is that Elias and Anais faught a lot and Elias drank a lot and rebelled. They didn’t receive us almost all of last week and they didn’t come to church. Although we were able to go Sunday night with a member to their house and talk to them, which, I thought, turned out super well.  They have calmed down a bit and I hope that we helped him think clearer.

Anyways, Cesar is doing great he is excited for his baptism this Saturday and we are excited to help him do it!!!! YEAH!!!! His dad is next, haha, but maybe not for a few years. His father does not want to share with us, but that will change with a little more time. His younger sister gave a wonderful talk in Sacrament Meeting and they are back to being active!! =)

The Family of Griselda, hmmm, I am not sure if they are going to progress or not.  We shared with them a couple of times but they are not reading or doing anything else for that matter.

Anyways that is the status of the people down here in Paraguay. They are great people.  They just can’t quite understand the reality of what we are sharing or they just don’t care and it makes me sad and desirous that they can understand.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Call

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