Monday, May 2, 2016


Dear Family & Friends:

As for our week!!! AHHHHH

This week was super downing.  It made us quite sad.

Monday night we arrive in the home of Cesar to do a FHE and finish preparing him for his baptism and all was good.  We enter in the house and the mom says ´´well it looks like Cesar is not going to be baptized this Saturday.¨ We were super shocked!  So we asked to talk with Cesar alone and he expressed his concerns about the baptism and how he really doesn’t want to be baptized, to then just drop the church and continue playing soccer, which, he knows will happen.  We tried to help him see the importance of the church and the gospel and tried helping him decide between soccer or church.  He prayed and was not willing to give up soccer.  He has not been willing to meet with us since and did not come to church yesterday.  Anyways he did not get baptized.

Anais and Elias are putting back their wedding.  They have absolutely terrible influences all around them and are being dragged down by their pressure.

This Friday, a young girl named Alma will be baptized, if her father doesn’t change his mind in the coming week.  I hope not.  She is 13 years old and super buena.

This Sunday was awesome!  It was one of the most powerful testimony meetings that I have participated in for a long time.  There is no doubt that God lives and that He guides this marvelous work. The Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, has been called of God, as well as the 12 Apostles.  They posses all of the keys to the Kingdom of God needed for the Salvation and Exaltation of the children of men

Thanks for all of the service you all give to God.
Elder Call

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