Monday, May 16, 2016

Call Me Cupid

Dear Family & Friends:

Yea, you can call me cupid! Haha!  Anais and Elias took one huge leap towards the eternity. This Saturday they got married and Anais was baptized.  It really was something incredibly beautiful. They passed through some great trials which were all resolved in the Book of Mormon, which was awesome. They are super excited to start this path to the eternities and realize that there will surely be many rough roads ahead, but if they will continue to read like they have been reading, they will do just fine.  In every sense the Book of Mormon has all the answers to life’s problems. Like Lehi´s counsel in his famous dream, if they will just grab on to the Book of Mormon and hold on to it every single day it will take us to the love of God and to His mercy.  If we don’t, Good Luck!  I just hope that the mists of darkness don’t come and take us away.

Anyways, that was awesome!  I love the Book of Mormon.  It really has become my favorite book.  It has such a powerful spirit that those who will humble themselves enough to read it, will come closer to God. May we all search to be humble

As for transfers, Elder Paredes left and Elder Brownlee came to be my companion.  He is from Fremont, CA and has been out six months.

The week was good.  We are working with quite a few people and we will see some great progress.

Elder Call

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