Monday, August 31, 2015


Dear Family & Friends:

This week was our last hard push with the Rojas family.   We work hard with them this week so that at least their kids can grow up and remain firm in the gospel.  However, they are not keeping the compromisos (commitments) so we are going to drop them now for good.

The highlight of this week was that on Friday Elder Walter Gonzales came to Paraguay and we were taught by him.  It was a great day where we learned more techniques and methods to teach and help our investigators complete their compromisios; helping them find their own solution to their problems and their difficultly of keeping the commandments.

Sunday was our District Conferences and we had the privilege to hear from Elder Richard Scott and Elder Quentin L Cook.  They were great talks and expressed their concern for this area because there are 33,200 missionary aged young men in this area and only 890 are serving missions currently.  That is less than 1 in 30 kids leaving for a mission.   Also, they talked a lot about the Sabbath Day and the need and manners that we can change to make this day holy.

Alan this week was not able to come to church because two of his family members were jumped and robbed this week and his parents called a family reunion, to set up some rules and guidelines to follow, so that things like this don’t pass again.  And this reunion just so happened to be Sunday morning.

And that is all folks!
Love you all,
Elder Call

Dear Dad:

This week was tranquilopa (tranquil)! Then Wednesday, we found a bit of service to do in the home of Juan Delgado who is an ex-president of Rama 1 (1st Branch) but inactivate. We are teaching a lady with her son, Naris and Lucas, who has a nephew that participates in Special Olympics and a few weeks ago he went to Miami to play for Paraguay.  It was the best, because participating in Special Olympics was one of the things in high school that I liked more than anything else,.

Thank you for everything.
I love you very much!
Elder Call

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