Monday, August 17, 2015

A Good Week

Dear Family & Friends:

Leongino is 77 years old and lives alone.  His family hates him for choosing to be baptized, but he really doesn’t care.  Yesterday, he escaped from his house super early in the morning so he could come to church.  He will be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood next Sunday and will be able to continue living true to the faith of our Father in Heaven.

This week was good.  However, the mission as a whole has taken a huge drop in the people of whom we are baptizing, which is sad to see.  I believe that the missions view as a whole, including mine, has taken a big whiplash with everything, but with time we will learn how to become better and then we will be back to baptizing like we had before as a mission.

The work here is going well.   We have begun working a ton more with the members, both the actives and non-actives, so that we can help their friends and family be baptized.  Thanks to those efforts, Alejandra and a young man by the name of Alan Aquino were able to attend church.  Alejandra is a good friend of a member and we have not yet been able to teach her.  Alan is the boyfriend of one of the most active girls in the branch.  This was his second time attending the church and loves it a lot. He is 20 years old and has a character muy serio (very serious character).  He thinks a lot and about four years ago had stopped going to another church because he realized that it wasn’t real (true). Yesterday, we had the privilege of teaching him the Plan of Salvation and it was spectacular.  Then at the end of the lesson he said to himself “I believe that I have found my path.”  It was awesome.  In all reality God exists He loves us and this plan, which we teach, is true.  The Spirit of God testifies of this and we have the privilege of telling everyone about it.

Love you all!
Elder Call

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