Monday, August 24, 2015

Blessed Week

Well, hello to all you folks back home:

Paraguay writing here.  As for the report this week, it looks to be that we had a pretty blessed week.  It started out with a good stinkin’ day of divisions with the Zone Leaders on Tuesday.  Then we were blessed with the beautiful landscape of Pindaty the following day, where we found several members that are inactive that I had not known existed.  As a result some of them came to Church on Sunday!!! Yea!!! Thursday was filled with allowing lots of people drain their emotions and feel the comfort of Christ. However, for some reason they don’t want to change yet.  But we will see what can happen. Alejandra is awesome and a super good girl but her mom is a big grumpy pants and didn’t allow Alejandra to come to church yesterday. =( As for Alan, yesterday, was when he had to go to work. He works every other Sunday.  We taught him leccion (lesson) 3 and the Sabbath day, to see if he is willing to drop his work to attend the church.   However, he wasn’t sure about that and said he has to think about it. That and he is worrying a lot about his family.  I hope that the same thing doesn’t pass with him like it passed with Evelyn who by the way is good but doesn’t want to go to church. Everything is going great and there are huge blessing to come to pass. God loves us and protects us and we can have a good attitude in every situation that we find ourselves in.

Love you all,
Elder Call

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