Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quite a Week

Dear Family and Friends:

This week was quite a week!  We started out good and ended well.  On Tuesday we had divisions and I stayed here with Elder Cosby and we were able to find a ton of people and one family that seems to be really good.  Their names are Gabriela Diego Verona y la mama.  They had moved not too long ago and are looking for a new church to attend!!!!!  Yea, perfect and the uncle of the grandma Gabriela is a Mormon!!  Well, even though they wanted to come to church they had an inconvenience and the grandma and the mom had to go and work, which is weird because, normally they do not work Sundays.

Wednesday, we went to Pindaty and visited everyone out there and also found a great family. However, I don’t remember their names. They are neighbors to some less active members and with some time, I believe they too will come to the church. The only problem is that they are more than a hours walk from our house and we only go out there on Wednesdays.  While we were out there we also did a little bit of Paraguayan fishing and ended up with 8 little buggers for lunch.  They make for great flavoring for a soup.  Justin, I don’t know why you don’t like the fish down here porque los caldos son riquísimo (because they are very tasty)!!! {Aww, that put my mind to work!! Haha}

The rest of the week was spent looking for new people and as a result we found Rosa and Liz, who are just awesome.  The mom, Rosa chose to join the church 7 or 8 months back.  They make empanadas of mandioca which were really good.  (Madioca is a root veggie like potatoes that are common in Paraguay.) The only problem that I can see in the future is that the step father does not like Mormons!!! Liz came to church, but Rosa was not able to get away.

Alan is doing really well. This week he worked, so next week he will come to church. However, we were still able to teach him yesterday the Law of Chastity and he is going to try, try, try, to live it. And best of all he still wants to join the church!!! Yea

That’s the report folk’s.  Hasta Luego.
(Elder Call)
Elder Call

Elder Cifuetes

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