Monday, June 1, 2015

Another Crazy Week

Hey, Everyone!

This week was a crazy week!!!!! Where to start out?. . . . Hmmm, so Monday, we had corolacion misional (missionary correlation meeting) and then afterwards we tried finding some people to teach but no one was accepting us. So, Tuesday, we get to the district meeting and during that meeting a feeling for the first time in my mission came over me and told me that I was tired of not baptizing and that we needed to baptize.  We left, went and cooked lunch and left to look for some more old investigators after a bit of unsuccessful we remembered one old couple that had assisted (investigated the church) for quite a while but never decided to be baptized and hasn’t assisted (investigated) for a year.  Their names are Anatolia and Floretin. Anatolia has had a ton of family problems in her life and is really a super good person and she loves to talk.  On Tuesday it was raining all day and we arrived at their house wet Floretin was the only one there and he allowed us to enter and talk with him.  We had talked with him for the space of 30 minutes roughly and then Anatolia arrived and started talking. We spent the next 3 and a half hours listening to her and her doubts and want and trials and strengthening her with the scriptures. At the end of that talk she had decided to be baptized!!!!!=) What a day, we left her house tired in the mind.  We didn’t meet with her Wednesday but the other days yes.  During weekly planning on Thursday we were debating if we should help her to be baptized this Sunday or the next Saturday.  After all was said we knew that it had to be this Sunday, so here are the pictures. That was definitely the great highlight of the week.
At the baptism

haha funny story. So this morning on our way to the cyber to write you guys we stopped by at a chiparia that was stationed on the street and as I was about to hand the guy my money and in a instant my hip flies in to the station of chipa and makes a big clash.  As my hip is thrown my head turns to make sense of such confusion.  I see a 30ish year old guy flying through the air Spartan kicking me from behind. My first reaction was to chase him but after my first step, I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation.

Well, hey, the Church is led by God and he has given worthy men a portion of his power to administer ordenanza (ordinances) of salvation to his children.  Remember to always support your leaders in their callings and doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.  Salvation cometh through the merits and grace of Jesus Christ.

I love you all and hope you find the peace of heart in your life.
Love, Elder Call
At a fish farm.

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