Monday, June 22, 2015

Bumps in the Road

Well, family and friends, we have hit some bumps in the road, but I will get to those because this week flew by with lots of crazy stuff.

To begin, Tuesday, after the district meeting we were walking back to the apartment to eat lunch, and that guy from I think two weeks ago, yea, the crazy drunk one, so he decided to come and attack us again and ripped my shirt but he ended up on the ground and we were able to leave.  He left no bodily damage but for that entire day it really bugged me because I don’t know what his problem is.  He is definitely mentally ill.  I tried talking to him but he couldn’t formulate any words and he just mumbled. OH well, I hope that there is help for him.

Oh and by the way, we (Elder Vega) both stayed together and everything. So, Thursday night we had a lesson in the house of the Sanabrio family, with Evalyn and it was a great, one of the most powerful lessons for some time. She decided that si o si without a doubt she was going to be baptized this weekend the 27th. We left the house feeling so good and comforted from all our fears of parental influences and peer pressures.  However this Sunday, being Father’s Day and all, even though she doesn’t have one. she didn’t attend the church and from what we were informed by Vanessa, her best friend, is that she no longer wants to be baptized and that she is easily pressured into doing what others would like her to do. Apparently, her mother does not want her daughter to be baptized otro vez (again). We will be talking to her personally tomorrow and seeing what happened and hear her story of it all.

To all the Fathers out there in the world, I appreciate everything that you do for the benefit for your family and God.  I would like to send you all to Efesisos 5 (Ephesians 5) it is a good chapter.

I love you all.  I am grateful for the testimony that I have of the scriptures and all the things that they testify to me that are true. The truth never ends.  It will continue for the eternities.  Our life here on earth, our jobs, our possessions and our hobbies will end.  Always maintain the sight over the entire map.

I love you all
Elder Call

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