Monday, June 15, 2015

Slick Week

Dear Family & Friends:

It has rained a lot this week.  In fact, almost every day it has rained and the streets were filled with mud and by golly this mud is just as slick as ice or slicker.  I am always slipping. I am surprised that I haven’t fallen to the ground yet.

We had divisions with the district leader and we were able to receive permission to baptize an 8 year old niece of some active members.  The father, I think would be baptized but we found out that the dad of his wife is super weird about Mormons.  He thinks we are the devil which complicates things a lot, but we will continue with that even though not sure what we can do right away to solve the problem.

We had a sweet lesson with Evalyn and her family (mom and sister).  We read “The Family a Proclamation to the World” and it was sweet to see them understand it.  This Sunday, Evalyn came to church with another friend, Liz, and it was really good.  Liz didn’t know we were Mormons until after the reunion. Haha.  The sister, Andrea, wanted to come, however, she had spent the night at her cousin’s house and slept in.

This week was really good.  We have more people fighting for us than we do against us, if only we could see all the hosts of heaven we would be able to understand.

This Wednesday we have exchanges, so the question is who is going to go or are we both going to stay?

Love you all!
Elder Call

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