Monday, June 8, 2015

All Things Go Well

Dear Family

So yes, after 35 years of being affiliated or knowing the Mormon Missionaries we arrived at her (Anatolia’s) house and taught her for four hours the first day and after that she wanted to be baptized. There was nothing that impeded her from being baptized, so we baptized her. Really it was a miracle to see a woman that after so much time, finally have the Spirit of God touch her heart and see the change in her.

As for the fish farm, I really don’t know what kind of fish they were or anything.
This week certainly was a highlight for the mission.  On Tuesday, our Zone was blessed to go and do the work of Salvation for those that have died or in other words we went to the Temple of God.  Monday night we spent the night in the house of the zone leaders.  We woke up at 1:30 to get ready and catch the bus that was to leave at 2:45, so we did not have much of a night to rest, but the sacrifice was and is always well worth it. The blessings of peace and love, that one feels in the ''Heaven on Earth'' is more amazing than anything that one could ask for.  I am so grateful that God has given us this Gospel in our lives and that we can share it with others.

This week we talked to Evalyn and Vanessa about why they didn’t come the week previous and we found out that it was because they had gone to a party the night before and were really tired.  On Thursday, we talked to Evalyn about baptism and she seemed very, very unsure and in question.  And this Sunday she didn’t come once again, but traveled to Nueva Londres with her family.  We came to learn that the stepfather of Evalyn is the son of Anatolia who was baptized last Sunday
Anatolia is doing just fine and continues learning of the doctrine of Christ. However on Friday night one of her aunts, who has got to be getting old, got sick and was taken to the hospital for Saturday, Sunday and I do not know if she is still there, but Anatolia went there to pass the moments with her.

The Gospel is true.  It guides us in the way to have a life with lots more love and much less worry and pain.  God has always promised His children, that according to their obedience to His commandments,  the more they will prosper in the land.  If you don’t like your position in the land, look to which commandments you can keep better.  All things go well.

Love you all,
Elder Call

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