Monday, May 25, 2015

A Solid Week

Well, Hello to Everyone!

This week was good.  We had some solid things happen.

It started out last Monday by making a bunch of cinnamon rolls, which are a big hit down here in Paraguay.  Thanks mom your food is loved everywhere.

Tuesday we had divisions with the district leaders and we taught the Salines family, who were planning on being baptized and married this coming Saturday and we had a super good lesson about the temple, marriages and baptism.  But the Father continued giving excuses about money and not being able to provide a party for his family members and how his family would not step foot inside of the church.  But they ended still good for this Saturday.  However, Thursday we returned and talked to them and explained tithing and what the tithing is used for and Fernando continued to put excuses about the party afterwards and was talking about how some days they don’t have anything to eat. Well, I guess they want to wait.

On Tuesday we found the sister of the Aguayo Arisitedis family, whose name is Jenny, her brother, Osvaldo and his girlfriend, Nanci.  We talked for a little bit and had a super good lesson. They seem so great.  Nanci had a boy about 7 months ago and is struggling a bit.  We planned to visit them on Friday at 7, but were not there. Neither were they there Saturday morning, afternoon, or Sunday afternoon when we passed by.

On Wednesday night we had a great FHE in the house of Evalyn Godoy, who is investigating the church, thanks to her best friend, Vanessa.  We made pizza Paraguayan style and then we watched the Restoration video and shared our testimonies, explaining the need to read the Book of Mormon and asking God if it is true.  Evalyn was able to come to church this time, which is good, because her mom let her.  Her mother is super Catholic and is a nice one at least.

This week was great, even though we wasted a bunch of time looking for old investigators that had moved quite some time ago and that were unknown by their neighbors.

The Church is true.  We are so blessed to have the restored priesthood on the earth and that it is available to all. God is good.  He tries your patience sometimes, but he never leaves you alone or unblessed.

I love you all!
Have a great week.

Elder Call

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