Monday, May 18, 2015

Crazy Week

Hey Everyone,

This week was a bit crazy.  On Tuesday, we went out to Pindaty to eat with the Cardozo family. We had talked to Edgardo on Sunday about eating at his house.  We arrived there and sadly no one picked us up to take us there. Haha.  But we arrived and the Grandma, Irma (mother of Edguardo), told us to sit and then served us lunch.  We decided that Edguardo had asked his mom to make us lunch and feed us instead of with his family.  The house of the Grandma is close to the road and to arrive to the house of Edguardo you have to walk on a trail through the trees some 500 yards.  After eating and having a good chat with Irma and Juan we went to the house of Edguardo, in hopes of finding his son and asking him why he did not come to church. When we arrived, the wife of Edguardo asked us if we had arrived for lunch and told us that Edguardo had just left to work again!!!!! Pucha!!  So they had been waiting for us to arrive to eat while we were eating with Irma.  Well, hey, what could we do?  Gladly, everything was calm after some apologizing.

Later that night, we received a call from some other missionaries, with a reference for us of a guy who would like to be baptized and has gone to the church and met with the missionaries before.  His name is Agusto Uran and is super awesome.  The reason that he had never been baptized is that at that time he liked inviting girls over, but then one day he realized how bad that was and has now stopped.  But the guy did not come to church this week which made us super sad.

On Wednesday, a girl named Vanessa Vasquez invited her friend Evelyn to meet with us. It turned out being at the house of the 1st Counselor of the District and instead of a normal lesson, it was a Young Women's activity making Chipa, which is cooked over the fire on a stick and watched “17 Miracles.”  We had to call the President’s son to come and join us and we had a good talk about the difficulties and afflictions that we pass through and how we can stick to the faith and work through our trials.

Other than that, we have a family, the Salines, who is a sister of a recent convert and her boyfriend and their two children. The main problem with them is that they do not understand Spanish very well, because they speak Guaraní almost all the time, so we have to go with someone that speaks Guaraní. Also they need to be married and the dad wants to do something special but does not have the money to do like anything.

The Gospel is true.  God is real. He is your Heavenly Dad and He loves you. The scriptures testify of this and I know that it is true. He sent his only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to the world to provide us the way to return to him.  Read the Scriptures, they tell you how to walk down the road of life and apply what they tell you to do.

I love you all and search the scriptures every day.

Love Elder Call

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