Monday, May 4, 2015

God Has a Plan

Hello everyone,

This past week we have worked more and more, trying to get everything moving in the mission field, putting a focus on receiving references from the members and helping them feel comfortable sharing the gospel with their friends.

The highlight of this was that one of the references turned out to be good.  The wife of the Stake President gave us a reference for her brother-in-law, named Jose Luis Romero and his family.  The only problem with them is finding a time when they are in their house.  The Dad works hard and long and the wife works harder and longer and we have not been able to teach her, only Jose but the lesson was good and he was super good to us.  They did not end up coming to church this Sunday and blamed it on the rain, even though they have a car!!!

With Derlis and Sandra!! This week was aaaa exciting. I guess you could put it everything was going good.  We went and celebrated the birthday of Sharon on Wednesday and this same day some old acquaintances of Nestor and Derlis moved in right next to them.  Friday, was a holiday for Paraguay and no one was working, so the ward planned a service project to help clean up a member’s house that has become bedridden. Derlis and Nestor both came to help and so did about half the ward.  I was not able to go because we had divisions and I went to Paíñu. When I returned I heard that after the service project Dertlis went home and the old friends invited him to drink with them and he did.  He became super drunk, did some really stupid stuff; is now kicked out of the house, and it does not appear that he is going to return. Sandra was really stricken with all this and is tired from all the hassle of keeping Derlis around.  None of them came to church this week because it was raining really hard and they did not want the young, young kids to get sick.

This upcoming Wednesday we have changes and it is very possible that I will go, so I really don’t know when I will skype you guys.

This week I came to understand more fully what entails the plan that God has for us. Before I had always thought the plan as something really broad and generalized and never really realized that for every choice I make and for everything that I do, God has it planned out as to how I can change and become better and it is only thanks to My Savior, Jesus Christ, that we have the chance to be complete with the Plan of God.

I love you all,
Elder Call

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