Monday, April 27, 2015

A Solid Week

Hello everyone,

This week was a solid week we had divisions again and I went to Paiñu and enjoyed a day with Elder Een and this Saturday we planned out an Open House for the church, that went quite well and we will do that again in a couple of months, exhorting the people to use it as an opportunity to invite their friends to the church in a more relaxed environment.

Derlis and Sandra we talked well with them about baptism and about marriage and about the Word of Wisdom.  On Friday, Derlis committed to quit drinking and smoking in order to marry Sandra because he loves her a ton and it is the only reason that she does not want to marry him. Sunday was the birthday of Derlis and as far as I was informed he did not drink however he did smoke during lunch and surely a bit later.

As for Matias, he is now in France.  He left Thursday in the morning and it will be the last that we hear from him.

We found a new family that is at least listening to us.  The mom is named Miriam and her children Fabian, Claudia and Camila.  The mom became interested in religion when her son did his First Communion in the church Catolica and found an openess in her soul that needed filling up. Her schedule of the day reminds me of the schedule of an American mom driving around all over the place, getting things done, which is the first time that I have run in to that feeling here.

It did not rain this week. TEMPLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are awesome!  So, they are finally making it official.  It brings back memories when it was first announced and everyone went crazy.

Love you all!
Elder Call

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