Monday, April 6, 2015

A Holy Week


What a Holy Week down here in Paraguay!!!  So this week was filled with lots of ups and downs.  To begin on a upside! General Conference!!!  What a blessing it is to listen to our beloved leaders of the Church. They seemed to focus a lot on the Family.  I am thankful to have been raised in a family that has cherished the commandments of God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ really does strengthen the bonds between the family when it is applied to each of our lives. We went to the Stake Center to watch the Conference both days, but Saturday, due to the rain and other electronical problems we were not blessed to watch the first session and about half of the second session, which was sad for us and super sad for the investigators.

Speaking of investigators:

Derlis and Sandra:  So this past week we have been emphasizing a bunch in asking God if the Book of Mormon is true.  Derlis has done it a couple times before and had felt nothing but all the rest of the people have not asked.  But on Wednesday night after telling Derlis to ask once more, he had a dream that started out as a nightmare and freaked him out and then this guy came to him and repeated “Pray and Read,” over and over, to continue reading and praying.  Shortly after he felt peaceful and calm and then woke up!!!!! So cool!!! So we are working with him on that again. With Sandra and everyone else they just keep forgetting to ask. Sandra says that she is kinda scared to ask, but I do not know why!!!!

Alex.  He is good.  We tried teaching him about faith and repentance but then we realized that he does not have a solid understanding of the Godhead and it does not seem like he feels guilt.  So it was kind of hard.  He did not come to General Conference this weekend, because, “he had a cough,” is what his cousin told me. haha.  Bueno .

Claudia contacted us Monday night and is super nice.  We have not shared (taught) with her yet, because when we arrived at her home, there was not a man present.  So we will have to bring one with us next time.  She came to General Conference on Sunday morning all by herself.  She seemed to enjoy it and had several questions.  So we will be working with her this week when we can.

God is your Father.  He loves you.  He has once again called prophets in our days to restore the pure doctrine of the Gospel.  He has provided a path to return home with Him.  This Path is the Gospel and can only be done thanks to the Grace and Atonement of the beloved Savior, Jesus Christ.   I hope that all people will humble themselves to accept this sweet doctrine.  It is Truth!!  You can accept it or not, but that does not change the fact that it is True.

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Call

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