Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Week in Paraguay

Hey everyone,

I did receive the birthday package on Tuesday and it was sweet. The highlight I think would have to be the Jensen Family Calendar and all the pics of the family that updated me a little bit.  Please tell Grandma, “thanks” for me.

I have not tried making ice cream and do not know if I will, but it is good to have the recipe, so that by chance I do have a real desire to make some, I can.

Mate Dulce is 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup water and 1 liter of milk; drank in a similar manner as of terere, but in place of the yerba you use coconut. It is quite good.  I think Justin made it for us when he arrived from his mission.

Cream.  Yes, I can get cream in Paraguay, at least heavy cream.  I should take photos of the store we do our shopping in.  It is huge, but yet, it is nice.

This week was Miguel’s birthday. On Thursday to be exact and so I made the cake that you sent me and we celebrated in the church, because it was ward night that night, and I gave him the little toys that you sent as his present.

As for church, this week we had none of the people we are teaching show up, which puts a bummer on the whole week. To talk about Nestor and Diana, the parents of Sharon and Miguel, the sister of Nestor is in the middle of a divorcement and said that there was a way to do it much cheaper and quicker. So they are super excited to do that so that they can marry one another.

Derlis and Sandra.  We really ride roller coasters with them and honestly I am confused as to what to do with them or better said how to help them.

Other than that, we have found several new people this week that could be potential work in progress.

Well, keep it up.

Love you all!
Elder Call

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