Monday, April 13, 2015

Things I Learned

For the report:

The things I learned. . .

How to make mate dulce
People do not drive well while drunk
If you are not careful you lose your chances
Keep your bag in front of you while on the buses
Paraguayans do not crash often because they drive slow
And a little about Armegedon

This week we had interviews with Presidente Agazzani and divisions with the zone leaders. On divisions with Elder Een, We tried to get permission from two parents of some kids they are teaching. One group we were told went to live with their mother in Ciudad Del Este. The other mom thought that her daughter was too young to make the decision and told us “no” quite firmly.  Also, we went to Tres Bocas to do an interview for the sisters.  Over there, everything went just fine and we got things ready for the baptism on Saturday.  Saturday morning, the sisters called us up and asked if we could baptize the girl.  We said 'yes,' but then she was a no show and her parents started lying a lot to the sisters and they dropped her.  We also came across a guy that had gone off the road and became stuck in a pile of burnt stuff.  He was a funny guy and would swear to his life, that he had only had a little to drink.  It was fun to help him get out.  It was also a good thing that he has some good friends that came to help.

Sandra and Derlis!! What a week with them.  On Wednesday night we taught them about fasting and reviewed the Word of Wisdom and we all planned to do a big ol' group fast with everyone to help Derlis quit drinking and so that Gisella (their 5 yr old daughter) recuperate from some cough.  Everyone was on board until Saturday night when we there to begin it. Derlis had gone to help a family move and Diana and Nestor did not have the faith that they could do it so they did not do it. Sandra wanted to start Sunday afternoon but I am afraid she did not. The whole family came to Church except Derlis and Geraldo (2 yr old son) because he (Derlis) had come home wasted from the moving party.

Alex is good, but he goes back to Argentina sooner than we thought, like this Wednesday, so he will be out of our reach in a short period of time.  We were not able to teach Claudia and she acted as though she would not like to meet with us.

We were able to meet some really cool people this week and on Sunday afternoon, so we will see where it all goes.

God lives. He is your Father. He loves you and as such has given His only Son, so that we, unworthy creatures, can be saved from the eternal punishments of God and receive His glory.  It is only possible, if we complete the requirements that Jesus Christ has set for us to do.  God has prepared a way for every one of his children to keep all of His commandments. Try to do it and do not fear.

I love you all!
Have a great week.

Elder Call

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