Monday, March 2, 2015

Good as Ever

Hola todos (Hello Everyone!)

This week was good as ever!!!

Derlis and Sandra!!!!!! We were able to meet with them several times this week and it is super cool to watch them progress and make the changes necessary to live with our Father again.  Derlis has such an abundant love for Sandra and has not touched alcohol or tobacco since we have taught him the Law of Chastity. He wants to marry Sandra so bad and therefore quit drinking and smoking. Sandra however does not quite have the same desire to marry Derlis. She wants to marry Derlis but has been showing some doubts in doing so, saying that the 21st of March is not enough time to be ready.  On Sunday, after church, we found her outside by her gate alone and we were asking her why she wanted to wait and what her worry was with marring Derlis. However, she kind of skipped the question by saying stuff like, she is not prepared and that there are a lot of things to change or do.!! Yea Right!!  So I finally asked her if she would like to tell me the worry or if she would like me to tell her.  She opted out on the second.  Therefore, I told her what was told to me; that, at first she did not want to marry Derlis because he drank a lot, but now that he has not drank or smoked for ten days and continuing, that she is happy and pleased with the progress that he is making, but is afraid and thinks that he is going to fall when she is not there to help monitor him!! Sandra confessed that what was said was true, that she does not worry about him falling at home but when he visits his parent’s house he might fall. We have set up a plan where she would talk to Derlis and explain her worries with him and her agreement to marriage if he gets to the 21 without even a drop of alcohol.

Nestor, Diana, Sharon and Miguel!! This past Thursday night the mom of Nestor passed away and it was pretty hard on him but he is doing good and moving strong.  Yesterday it was announced that Sharon and Miguel will be baptized this Saturday at 5 o’clock. Nestor’s birthday is on Friday and we will see if we do something to help celebrate.

Ilse—Ahh, thanks to YSA (young single adults) she is not off the radar just yet. Leopardi has a strong group of YSA that is super friendly and invites her to all their activities which she attends often!! She also came to church again and as always was filled with great questions.

Matias.  Well, so his cousins that live in France came to visit them this past week and he has been with them the whole time, so we have not been able to visit him. Additionally, he did not come to church yesterday.

Scripture for the week:
Moroni 7:12 “Wherefore all things which are good cometh of God...”  Reading this chapter this past week took me into deep reflection in the way I look at things and I began to marvel at the goodness of God and how faithfully and hard He and His angels battle so that we do good things. God is Good and loves every one of his children with a love so great that we as humans cannot comprehend what it means.

I love you and hope you are reading the Scriptures.

Elder Call

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