Monday, March 16, 2015

Best P-day Ever!!

Hello, everyone!


Sharon and Miguel are doing great and so are Nestor and Diana.  It makes me happy seeing them progress and learn about their Savior and how to make their lives better than in the past.

On the other hand, Sandra and Derlis!!!!! WOW! I am glad that they live with Nestor or else they would be gone!! Derlis dropped hard to the bottom.  We met with him on Tuesday and talked about the whole thing.  He was not going to tell us that he drank but his little girl sure spoke up, saying that he got super drunk.  He felt super uncomfortable and would not meet with us throughout the week.  He would make up random excuses to leave and not share with us. =( This family is one of the only ones that I have really clicked with and become attached to, so it breaks my heart to see them like that.  Sunday, Sandra came to church but Derlis didn`t.  We were able to visit them in the afternoon yesterday and when we arrived Derlis was both drinking and smoking =( =( and then he decided that he needed to leave but we were able to convince him to share with us and we talked about the adulterous woman and repentance and good stuff like that I hope it is going to and has helped him a bit. Please join me in prayer for this family!!!

Other than that, all of the rest of the week’s lecciones (lessons) and work were with one timers and people that were not interested and did not want anything to do with us.  Not a whole lot of people are completing with their compromises (commitments).

On Saturday, a sister in the ward called us up to help her carry a bed that a friend was throwing out about 2 blocks from her house.  Haha, so the 2 blocks ended up being 8 blocks and the bed was nice and heavy. I am not sure what was in it but we tired quickly.  Anyways it was good.

TODAYYYY!!!!!! Yes, best P-day ever. The reason that we are writing so late is that it was our turn to go and clean the Temple.  For not being able to go visit the temple for 7 months now, I thought it was about time to be in the House of the Lord again. Temples are awesome!  I am stoked for the groundbreaking back home and hope it gets built fast!!!

God lives. He loves us! And we can go to His house and dwell in His Spirit. So if you find yourself in a place where you have not gone for a while, pack up the bags and Drink from the waters of Life.

I love you all and exhort you to go to the temples.

Elder Call

Hernia Update:

As for me and my hernia we had a Zone Conference with President and his wife and I talked to her about the hernia and she asked if the 3 to 4 months had already past which they have not and so she told me to wait and talk to her after 3 months have passed.  Transfers will be next Wednesday, right before my B-day. So we will see what happens.

Elder Call & Elder Davis @ the Asuncion Paraguay Temple

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