Monday, March 23, 2015

Month of Miracles

Hey Everyone,

Wow, what a month of miracles.  I would like to start off by saying that this week.  In the middle of February, President put as a goal for baptisms of 204 during the month of March. The first two weeks were normal weeks, but the past two have been outstanding and last week we were informed that there were 53 baptisms and that we had broke a record this week when we topped it off with 61 baptisms making the total of 167 baptism so far in March and we have 44 in plans for this Saturday!!!! The work is accelerating and the members are stepping in and up to the call to help out.

With having said that, Elder Davis and I were all over the map with lots things to do.  We had not gone on divisions with the other elders yet, so we did that on Tuesday and Thursday.  Wednesday and Friday evenings were spent doing interviews in Painu and Tres Bocas and Saturday we had to be at two baptisms, one in Tres Bocas and the other here in Leopardi.  Although, it was not our baptism, it was great.

Diana and Nestor remain faithful and devoted to helping their children progress.  I just wish that divorce was not so hard to do in Paraguay so Nestor could to get a divorce so he could marry Diana.  But that is how it is.  Sunday, after already eating a big lunch at one member’s house, Nestor and Diana commanded us to sit down and eat with them as well. Miguel and Sharon are doing very well but Sharon was sick yesterday and did not come to Church, but everyone else did.

Derlis and Sandra, they are on the uphill battle to a better life. Derlis, however traveled to his parents house over the weekend and we will have to see what the conditions were there. Sandra this time did not go with him but rather stayed at home. On Saturday, all of the Primaria (Primary) went to the temple to see it and their kids also went with the kids of Nestor and everyone enjoyed it.

Exchanges (transfers) will be this Wednesday, so we will see what happens.

Love you all
Elder Call

I don't have any information about the hernia, but at the end of this month I'm going to call and see what's going to happen.

Matias is going to travel about the 5th or 9th of April.  It doesn't seem like our investigators are going to progress very much.  We've dropped many of them now and we are looking for others who will progress faster.  My companion finishes his mission in 6 weeks, so not yet.

With love,
Elder Call

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