Monday, February 23, 2015

Blessings from Above

Hola a Todos (Hello Everybody):

To begin we will start with Matias!!! This kid is fun. It is weird teaching him because he comes to conclusions in a very logical way and has read a lot of stuff about strange experiments (experiences), but, in the end, he is in agreement with that we have taught thus far and is super honest. We were able to have his baptismal interview on Friday for his Baptism!!!! and Elder EEN Zone Lider (Leader) felt that Saturday was the right day to do it! It is super weird, no matter how hard we try to have things follow schedules, baptisms are always 40 to 60 min later than planned. Despite all of the opposition, he came and was baptized and thus the most important thing of the day was accomplished.
Elder Davis, Matias, Elder Call

The Saturday baptism group
Hugo, well, this guy moved back with his mom and no longer lives in our area =(

Derlis!!! Nestor!!! and Families!!!! This week we were able to meet their wives without the signature on Monday like planned several other times throughout the week. Señora de Derlis (Derlis’s wife) is Sandra they have 2 kids 5 yrs and 2 yrs. Señora de Nestor is Diana and they have 3 kids; 11 yrs Cheran, 10 yrs Miguel and 7 yrs Chiec Algo Asi, and they are awesome!!!! On Monday si o si (guaranteed) they felt the spirit touch their hearts and they did not want us to leave, so they asked us to come by on Tuesday and Wednesday and Friday and Sunday. Blessings from above!!!   The second time that we had met with Nestor and Derlis they told us that they were having a really hard time finding work and we promised that if they would come to church that God would bless them a lot the next week.  On Friday, Derlis and Nestor were not home and were out working and have had a bunch of work the whole week and that Sandra was able to find a job as well.  They have seen and noticed the hand of God blessing them throughout the week. Yesterday, Nestor and his family came to church while Derlis and his family went to his mom’s house to collect school supplies for his daughter.  We visited them that night and while we were there Nestor received a phone call and work for this next week, while Derlis had not, it was kind of funny watching Nestor laugh at Derlis for the blessing.  It has been super cool for me to see how God blesses those that put their faith in him and keep his commandments.  These families are awesome!!!!

The promises of God are real and he will always keep them.  The more we keep his commandments the more we will prosper in the land and as a son or daughter of a Divine and Perfect God.  He loves you and has given each of you a cheat sheet for this test that we are in.  It is called Modern Scripture as well as anciently. Look to this cheat sheet, Use it!!! Read the words written and try with all your might to follow them. I know that if you do so, you will feel a lot better inside and will learn how you can prosper.

Endure to the end; my fellow friends!

I love you,
Elder Call

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