Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Week

Bueno todos allá en Norte América (Hey everybody there in North America, how are you?)
Como están?

This week was a bit strange.  It was a very slow week as far as people accepting us and allowing us to teach.  The highlight of the week was that on Saturday, in Tres Bocas a little girl named Yamna Onelir Piris was baptized.  She was taught by the Hermanas in our district and she asked me to baptize her. Everything went really well and she was super excited.

Other than that, Matias did not come to church yesterday and we are going to see if he is reading or not today.  We have a meeting with him at 7.

Yesterday and today was kinda weird.  We had divisions but we all stayed in the same area because all of the leaders had a meeting in the morning.  So I had the opportunity to work with Elder Perkins from North Las Vegas.  He has less time in the mission than I do and is very humble in spirit, or in other words, he is really quiet, but we had great success.  Something that we learned and helped us a lot is that if we just teach the doctrine and do not say that what they did was wrong you have a lot more success.  All of the appointments that we had set fell threw, but we were still able to get in and teach several people.  We will see where they go.

Anyway, I hope all of you are doing well in your life and are blessed.

Elder Call  

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