Monday, January 26, 2015

Who Do You Love?

Familia y Amigos (Family & Friends):

The question of the day comes from the last chapter of the Gospel of John:  Do you love me more than all this? Being a missionary is a humbling experience.  So much of life we lose focus of the things that really matter and are blurred by the whirlwinds of normal life, filled with all sorts of things.  I love the questions of Our Savior, Jesus Christ.  They really pierce deep and cause a lot of contemplating in our own lives.  But there is always a great promise to all of us who have fallen short.  We can repent.  We can change.  We can decide to put God first and we can show him with our actions, that yes, we love him and want to help him. Study the scriptures.  It all starts with the word of God, the seed that becomes an arbol (tree).

Matias we had a hard time finding him at his house, but we finally got a hold of him Friday and had a good lesson about baptism and our need of being baptized. He still wants to learn more before accepting a date for sure about being baptized.  He was not able to come to church this Sunday because he had a birthday party somewhere in the campo (country) like 4 hours away.  They seriously take birthday parties serious here in Paraguay.

Isla, his friend, had finals Thursday, Friday and Saturday and we were not able to meet with her at all this week but we are looking forward to talking more this week and helping her progress in life.

The Vera family: I believe we dropped them yesterday, but we have not said it for sure, but I believe so =(

Other than that, we do not really have anyone progressing, so I hope you all are doing well and staying true to the standards of God.  This work is important and can only be extremely effective if everyone helps.

Elder Call

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