Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Keep the Commandments

January 12, 2015

Dear Family and Friends:

Here in Leopardi everything is going just fine and dandy.  Well, the family that was going to be baptized this coming Saturday decided to not come to church Sunday so they are postponed a week. Their work (job) has intensified and they are not arriving at their house until nine thirty or ten o'clock at nights. This entire week we have only been able to contact them through telephone and their daughter Vanessa. I do not know if Marcelo is willing to quit drinking beer.  But we are going to work with them more this week and hopefully help him feel the Spirit and the need to raise his family in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Hugo and Mirta Barrios:  We were only able to catch up with them in their house on Wednesday.  We explained the Plan of Salvation well to them and they love what we are teaching them. I love this family so much.  They are so amazing and prepared to hear the gospel. They always read what we have given them to read and explain it perfectly to us when we ask them about their reading. Mirta told us that the knowledge and understanding of the Plan of Happiness has helped her feel so much more at peace with everything that has happened to her kids and what is happening to her parents. They, however, did not attend church yesterday either.

However, a different Hugo did attend. He is living in the house of a recent convert named Belen.  He is treated as a cousin and at first was super closed and did not want to talk to us at all, but we are prying into him. Haha!  No, but he is really good and we have only shared scriptures and stuff like that with him which has been fun.

Last Thursday we had Zone Conference at the ward building by the mission offices.  We received really good information on that we need to use the BOM more in our lessons and always be referring to Jesus Christ because He is the center of everything that we have.

Sometimes, we as humans, in our lives justify what we do!! For example, taking a family trip that requires the breaking of the Sabbath Day.  It is a good thing to have recreational family trips with the family, YES, but Our Father in Heaven has asked us to make this Day Holy, partake of the Sacraments and serve those around you.  We learn from the Story of King Saul in 1 Samuel 15, that to obey the Commandments of the Lord are what goes first.  Do not justify what you are doing just because it is good.  I believe it was Elder Dallin H. Oaks that gave the talk on “Good, Better and Best.”  The best thing that you can do is KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD.  Please, never forsake the blessings that come from keeping His Commands.

I love you all and hope the best for your week.

Love, Elder Call

Medical Update:

Hey Mom!  So the only thing that Hermana Agazzani said is, “Did you get the notice?” and I said, “yes.”  She said, “Great, are you  alright with waiting a little while?” And I said, “Sure, why not?  That sounds just fine.” She said, “Perfect. We will talk later.”
Love you, Mom, no need to worry, I have like 14 other moms down here taking care of me.
Love you and Dad tons.

Love your son, Elder Call

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