Monday, January 5, 2015

Just Amazing

Happy New Year!

Well, this week was just amazing! HOT, but amazing.  This week I have had the opportunity to get to know my new companion. He is from Phoenix, Arizona and did a little bit of everything. He loves to ride motorcycles.  He rode in supercrosses and every year would go up and ride from Island Park to West Yellowstone.  Also, he raced in the Baja 1000 a couple of years ago.  He only has four months left on his mission, but really is not trunky, which is awesome because that means we are able to work well.

Leopardi is awesome!  The people here are generally very nice and allow us to teach them. The Church in Leopardi is a ward and has four missionaries that share the area.  The other two missionaries, Elder Tejada and Elder Beynet, helped three people this past Saturday make a covenant with the Lord, their God.  The members here are super nice and helpful in the work and help others learn of the Plan of Salvation.

We have several great people that are investigating the Church:

First and foremost, we have Marcelo and Romana Vera and their children Vanessa, Sofia and Juan Carlos.  Last week, Marcelo and Vanessa came to church and this week Romana and Vanessa came to church.  Both weeks all the kids came with their parent.  At first it appeared that Marcelo was the one that had the most interest in the church but now the role has shifted to Romana.  Mainly, because Marcelo does not really want to give up his alcohol but we had a great lesson with them yesterday about the commandment and he committed to not drinking anymore alcohol!!! YES

Second, we have another Vera family. But just the kids Adrian, Nati, and Hugo are being taught. They have not come to church yet, but they are cousins of an awesome girl named Andi, that was baptized two years ago and is waiting for her mission call. Their mom is the main thing that is impeding their progress in the search.

Third, the Barrios family!!! Hugo and Marta they are such a great couple that we found on Tuesday. Hugo is doing something that I almost have never seen on my mission.  That is he is actually reading the Book of Mormon where we ask him and then reads more. This Saturday, we found out that they were in a car crash when their oldest child was 7 years old.  Cinthia, their seven year old died. Sad, sad story=( Marta was devastated and said that she went into a bad state of depression and that if it weren’t for some sisters from the Church of Jesus Christ that she would have killed herself. Her husband, Hugo, dealt with his pain by working a lot and was hardly ever home because his work was his medicine for the situation.  They did not end up coming to the church this Sunday, but I am pretty sure that they are going to come, like it, and be baptized.

God lives! He works miracles through those who have faith in him and has given us his Son so that we can return to His Rest.  I love the Scriptures.  In the Holy Words of God, you can find the answers to all the important questions of life.

I love you all and hope that you are opening your scriptures everyday instead of reading this Blog.
There are much better stories found there.

Elder Call

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