Monday, December 29, 2014

New Area, New Companion

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from down here in Paraguay!

First of all, the last 24 hours have been harder than that of almost all my mission including the airport.  I had to say goodbye to the members and the people in barrio (ward) Oberro, which just sucked, because that neighborhood really grew on me and I found myself at home and amongst my family there.  I had to say bye for possibly the rest of my life.  Before I left we were working with a family called Flietas, the wife is a member, but her husband is not.  I am not sure how they are going to motivate him to come to church because a lot of missionaries have worked with him in hopes of getting him to come to church.

On Christmas Eve, our Mission President told us to be in our house by 7:30, so we decided to take this time to make cinnamon rolls for several member families that have helped us out a lot in our time there. On Christmas morning, we took them around to lots of people.

Anyways changes were today and I am now in an area called Leopardi, which honestly, I do not know where it is at, but all is good.  The church here is a ward and has an attendance of about 110 or so.  It sounds like a great place and the work is moving along well here.  I am here with Elder Davis from Phoenix, AZ.  He is almost done with his mission and still has a great attitude and spirit about the work.

I love this Work.  There is no other opportunity like this.  It really is a blessing.  God is our Father. He loves us and has prepared a way that we can return to Him once again.  This way is through His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, our Salvador (Savior) and greatest brother.  I hope that you do not take this gift in vain, but rather, be smart and do what He asks of you.

I love you all
Elder Call
disfruten  (enjoy)

Mom, this is the information from the medical doctor.  Have dad translate it for you. Thanks!  Love you lots.   I have not heard any more about it still.

Estos informes son normales a excepción de una pequeña hernia inguinal visto en la ecografia. La hernia necesita una cirugía, pero no es urgente. No recomiendo que esperar hasta que termine su misión (julio de 2016) para tener la cirugía, pero sería bueno que esperar hasta 3-4 meses. No se necesita ir a casa para la cirugía. Se puede hacer aquí en Paraguay a través de un telescopio en uno de los hospitales más grandes, como Bautista. Es necesario que tome una semana o 10 días para recuperarse de la cirugía, pero debería ser capaz de trabajar a tiempo parcial después de sólo 3-4 días.

For those that do not read and understand Spanish here is a general translation:
We are informing you that everything is normal except a small inguinal hernia. The hernia will require surgery and it is not recommended to wait until after his mission completes in July of 2016, but can wait for 3-4 months.  It is not necessary for Dallin to come home for the surgery, as it can be performed in Paraguay using a telescopio in a large hospital like the Baptist Hospital.  It will be necessary for him to take a week to ten days to recuperate from surgery. He should be able to work part-time in just 3-4 days following the surgery.

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