Monday, December 1, 2014

A Normal Week

Hi all you

This week has been pretty normal, nothing special happened.

We have done a lot of Family Home Evenings with active members and investigators, part-member families and inactivos, so that we can hopefully strengthen our ward and bring those to the saving ordinance of baptism.  The family of Kevin is changing.  The Dad, Peter, is a member already, but he works only on Saturday and Sunday.  He works in the hospital, but he wants to come back and attend once again because he has seen the change in the life of Kevin, as well as, Kevin’s sister, Brisa, now wants to be baptized and the Mom is a whole lot more open to us and the message, so hopefully, she too, will come.

Gesnia.  Well I do not know about her.  She does not want to get married anymore, so we are still working on that.

I love the video that the Church has made called ``He is the Gift.`` Worth watching.  You can find it by going to

Elizabeth did not come to church once again =( so we are going to try to work with her every day this week and help her gain a testimony.

Paraguay is awesome, but just as Justin had said when he was down here it has so much potencial (potential), but the people do not take care of it and ruin it.  I really like Spanish. It is fun and although I have a weird accent and the Paraguayans in general do not like us Americanos, for some reason, it is all good.  It makes me sad that 95% of the people here do not know a thing about the Bible or even care to learn about the true and Living God.  One day they will wish that they had.

Elder Call

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