Monday, November 24, 2014


Hola! America

Transfers!!! I have officially completed the training of the mission!!!!! So the two areas in the Obrerro Branch have been combined into one area.  I am now with Elder Powell, who is from South Carolina.  We started out our transfer with two service projects.  A less active family needed help taking down their wood house to move back to their house that had been flooded out. And, we helped an amazing great-grandma clean up her yard, because she isn't able to do it.
Auydamos a una familia mudarse :)
Since we combined, I have been able to visit a great friend named Kevin and his cousin Jacky. We met in the church because they had been investigators of Elder Powell and then we were able to become great friends. Kevin and Jacky are living proof that children don’t care so much about material things, because the things of the world can bring temporary joy, but it will never last and they will feel lonely. What we as children want from our parents is LOVE AND TIME, because other things don’t ever complete a person. Parents, GIVE your children your time.  It is what every kid wants most. Also, we were able to visit Elizabeth this week several times Elizabeth is a lovely girl she is 17 years old and is incredibly timid.
Mi Primero Bautismo! Su nombre es Gihanina.

Selfie con Presidente Agazzani!
We had divisions with our zone leader and I went to the other area.  Elder Shuman was almost always on the phone and a lot of our appointments fell.  He was super disappointed because he wanted to have a sweet day with me and be able to teach a lot of people. Oh well, things like that happen.

This Saturday, we had the privilege of helping Kevin and Elizabeth walk through the door of baptism.  So we were about to change into our baptismal clothes and the suit we had for Kevin could probably fit like 3 or 4 of him in it and he was in contrary of wearing it, so I permitted him to wear my pants and shirt and I wore the suit. I had the honor of baptizing Elizabeth Caseren and Elder Powell was able to baptize Kevin.
Elder Powell, Kevin, Elizabeth, Elder Call
    Bautismo el sabado pasado! Elder Powell bautizo a Kevin (un kapo), y yo bautice a Eliza!
Elizabeth & Elder Call
Sunday, came and Kevin has continued to walk from the door.  Elizabeth, well she stopped mid way through the door because she was awestruck at the site of the mansion and we are still waiting and trying to help her take the next step.

I love Paraguay! I have found a real purpose and love for the missionary work.

Love your kids and make time for them there is nothing more valuable than the time of parents.

I Love you Mom and Dad.

Elder Call


Hey, Padre

So I don’t know the plan with the hernia, but I sent my results to Hermana Agazzini.  She will give them to the mission doctor and he will decide when I need to be operated on or if I can wait. I don’t let it change the work of the Lord though because salvation is far more important. So anyways, there is absolutely no reason for you guys to worry about the facilities or anything like that because something that I learned before the mission is that there is nothing that you need to worry about in life, and then on my mission I have changed that to not needing to worry about anything other than the Salvation of souls, because, everything fiscal is going to pass away in a short time and we will all realize that none of the worldly things mattered.

Dad I love you and hope the best for you!

Love, Your Son,
Elder Call

Grrafiti en Obrero!

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