Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Buenas tarde, mañana o noche  -- (Good afternoon, morning or evening)

Haha!! Sorry about the start of the letter last week my companion told me that I could not tell you all what my circumstances were. But, on Tuesday night, we finally had our phone call to Hermana Agazzani (mission president’s wife) and she had actually wanted me to tell.  So I have a Hernia.  I do not know how I could have gotten it, but I have one, and with the cough that I had it had grown a bit a was relatively uncomfortable.  The doctor confirmed that I have one and says that it has to be operated on. Hermana Agazzani has asked me to send her the test results of the ecografia (ultrasound), the blood and the urine tests,so we will be doing that tomorrow.  It does not bother me anymore, other than I do not want it to grow anymore and get bigger.  Anyways, at the moment it is not going to impede the work of the Lord until the surgery.

Anyways, this week was great we had  Zone Conference on Thursday, which was great.  There was one quote that stuck out to me more than all the others and that was “Una pierde la fe porque no hace lo que tiene que hacer¨ or in other words one loses the faith because he does not do what he has to do! entoces (then) LIVE THE GOSPEL or else you are losing your faith.

Gesenia, finally had her baby.   She is super excited now and does not have nearly the pain that she had.  She did not end up coming to church Sunday though, because, I guess when the baby finally sleeps, you need to take advantage of that time and sleep yourself.  I guess the baby has been keeping her up for most of the nights.

Love you all!!
Love Elder Call

The following is part of the letter Dallin wrote to Ben this past week.  The editor thought the advice given to Ben would benefit everyone that reads it.

…hope your putting effort in your grades but more important than your grades in school is your grade with God.   Keep yourself worthy and be that example to the world. Try every day to put your effort in reading the scriptures.  My favorite book, right now, would have to be Jesus The Christ.  I would suggest that you read that, as it is super cool, because, it explains all the stories of Christ so well. Hey the power of prayer is real.  Use it often and always remember it is not wise to ask for things and then not do the things needed to receive what you asked for.  Love you bud!  You have always been there for me. Thanks

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