Monday, November 3, 2014

Stay True to Your God!

Hola Family,

Bueno! Gesenia is doing pretty good but the baby still has not come yet.  She has been in so much pain that we have not been able to visit her this week, but the baby will come.  Then we will help them plan for their wedding and bring her to the waters of baptism.

We were able to find Gregorio who is 71 years old, I believe.  He has a problem with his feet and walking.  He says that he wants to be baptized but the problem is that he lent his walker to his neighbor, who now will not give it back to him.  So this week we are going to have one of the members pass by his house and try to pick him up, then we will know the truth.

We also found Juan Carlos, who has parents that are members.  He is about 35-40 years old and had watched Joseph Smith’s story on the Discovery Channel and believes that he was a prophet.  When we asked him about baptism, he still did not want to be baptized.  Then we explained that there was a prophet on the earth today and ask if he thought that God would want him to be baptized in the church that has His prophet and he said yes, but that he could not come to church this week because he was going to the river with his workmates to fish over the weekend.

This church is the same church that God Himself has established in every dispensation. We as individuals are nothing and as put by King Benjamin, less than the dust of the earth, but through Jesus Christ we can also receive the Glory of God and live forever in our family´s.  Stay true to your God.  The Powers of both sides of heaven fight for your souls but you have to choose now to strengthen yourselves in the Lord.  May God be with you all.

Elder Call

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