Monday, October 27, 2014

The Swing of Things


Bueno, I have finally gotten into the swing of things down here in Obrerro and am now able to help out in the lessons, which is good.  It is crazy to think that two months ago I could hardly speak a lick of Spanish and now the whole world has changed, granted the Spanish that comes out of my mouth is difficult for others to understand, but, they can understand what I am trying to say if they try hard!  I got to teach the Gospel Principles class yesterday, which went alright. Woo-hoo!

Bueno, on Tuesday we found an amazing family, Migel Angel and Marian.  Migel has cancer and is bedridden, and Marian has been looking for a different religion because they never come and visit with Migel. Marian is looking for a job and is struggling financially but accepted baptism for the 15 of November.  We promised her that as she continues to learn of Christ and make the changes necessary in her life she would be able to find a job.  We set an appointment to pass by on Thursday, but when we did, she had already found a job and works until ten o’clock in the night.  We have passed by their house every day so far and she has been at work. So this was really sad because now we are struggling to find her.

Isaias decided that he does not want to have any more contact with us because his friends and neighbors belittle him about it, so that was disappointing.

Gesenia. Well she is nine months pregnant and is waiting for the baby to come any day now.  The baby is going to be named Nicolas Martin.  She has accepted to be baptized now but still has not read anything that we have given them, and they need to get married before she can be baptized.

Anyways, all is good and enjoy the cool temperatures at home.

Elder Call

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