Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

Hello Home!!

I hope everyone was able to watch the General Conference sessions this past weekend.  It was definitely a highlight in my week. But, if you were not able or decided not to watch, that is okay because there is this little, big thing that you can do.  You can repent and watch it this week or like right now, because, those were the Prophets of God speaking directly to you and they might just find it offensive that time was not made to listen to them speak the word of God.

It truly is a miracle how much more I was able to get out of Conference when I was not insulating a house and could only hear a few of the words that the prophets spoke between the automatic stapling. My Favorite overall session was definitely Saturday afternoon topped by the talk by Elder Klebingat.

Sergio came to the two last sessions of Saturday and the first session of Sunday so that was good so we could baptize him but then not likely be able to give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost so . . . . We continue to teach him so that when he finds another job he can be strong in the knowledge of the restored Gospel of Christ.

Isaias! When we went to pass by Agustine´s house they said that they were going to come to the Priesthood Session of Conference because they had not eaten yet and needed to do that before.  So, okay, we were fine with that but then they did not end up coming. AHHHH this means that his baptism is another weekend back.  They did come to both sessions of the Sunday Conference, which was good, hopefully, Isaias will take the advice from Elder Bednar and ask to receive a confirming witness from the Holy Ghost that this is true and what he needs, and that he needs to search the scriptures and always live them.

I love all of you who have raised me and influenced me into becoming the person that I am today.  Watch yourself in all things and before you make a decision, step back and look at it with a broad point of view.

I love you All
Elder Call

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