Monday, October 13, 2014

Do Not Let the Devil Win!

Dear Family and Friends

This week was full of cool things.  First, transfers were on Wednesday morning.  They do not tell you that you are being transferred until Tuesday night after planning.  So, all of the goodbyes to the members and investigators have to be over the phone which is quite a bummer.  Elder Blackett was the only one in our room that left and Elder Parecho is the new missionary.  Elder Ruis, which I went on divisions with, is now training an American, so he is quite lucky.

Wednesday, Lider and Ginina, (I cannot remember if I told you about them), but Lider is a recent convert as of May and Ginina is not a member yet.  Her baptism was going to be the 11th of October, whoo-hoo!!!! But we were not sure who was going to baptize her because she had at first said that she wanted to be my first baptism, but Elder Woodfield was pushing that Lider should be the one to do it, but she had already told Lider that she would like me to do it, so he was going to let me do it. But after explaining that the Patriarch of the home should be the one who performs the ordinances, Ginina accepted this fact and wanted Lider to do it, but then Lider did not want to do it. =( what to do?

Friday we stop by again to try to get Lider to want to perform the baptism and they were both there.  So we begin talking and they tell us that they had a big fight the day before and have separated.  Lider had slept somewhere else that night.  AGHHHHHH!!!!!! Bad News!  So we, or Elder Woodfield continues to talk (because that day was bad for me and I could not understand well) about the importance of families and asked if she still wants to be baptized tomorrow and she says ''si o si'' which is kinda like ''of course'' and that she still wants Lider to baptize her, but he shook his head and after a little while we left wondering what was going to happen.

SATURDAY, the big day it all happens. We got all ready.  We cleaned and filled the font and the baptism was to start at 7:00 pm, but 7:10 roles around and they still are not there!!! What is going on? Oh, and a key fact our phone charger broke Thursday, so they had no way of getting a hold of us if they decided not to do it.  At 7:20 the members start asking are they going to come or not?? We do not know what to say.  Finally, at 7:35 they come walking up and Lider says that he is going to baptize her!!!!!!!YES!!!! That was good news!  After the baptism, there were a few moments to share testimonies and he gets up and relates that the devil had worked hard on them to prevent this baptism, but now their relationship and love for each other is so much stronger YEEEAAAAHHH!!!! I was so stinking happy that the Devil did not win out on this one.

Anyways, do not let the devil win, because he will try to prevent you from doing good things.

I LOVE you all!
This Church is True and Jesus is our Savior.  Rely on him in all that you do.
Elder Call

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