Monday, September 29, 2014

Sweet Country of Paraguay

Dear Family and Friends:

Thanks for the update on what is going on back home.  It is great to hear from you all.  Anyways, this week was another week full of blessings and everything is working more smoothly.

Last Monday, we spent the day helping an inactive member build their fence.  His wife is not a member nor is his daughter, so we are hoping to activate them but they didn't end up coming to church.  So that was disappointing, because this Sunday was my favorite so far of the mission.  We taught another part member family, the Filetas, but this side it is the father that is not a member.  He always says that he will read in the Book of Mormon but never does.   He did come to church this Sunday=)

This week during the noche de Rama (Branch Night or  Branch get together) two people brought their friends, one is named Isaiahs and the other is Elaene.  Isaiahs is 13 years old and is a super nice.  He has a baptismal date for the 18th so we are looking forward to that.  Elaene, she is somewhere in her late 20´s and is super receptive but she didn’t end up coming to church which was weird because her son was supposed to be a part of the program.

We didn’t end up visiting Sergio this week and about Berdnarito (or however it is spelled), she told the person that accompanied us, while we were standing there, that she would like to marry Elder Woodfield, so Elder Woodfield refuses to go back there again.

This Sunday was the Primary Program and it was centered around “families can be together forever” and all the little kids were so funny in it.

Anyways, everything is going swell in the sweet country of Paraguay.
I love you All!

Love, Elder Call

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