Monday, September 22, 2014

A Much Better Week

Hola Family!

This week was a much better week down here in Obrero.  So some of the things that happened this week are: 

      On Monday we went and practiced singing Count Your Many Blessings for the Zone Conference which was Tuesday and once again I was voted “for being on note the best”!! Haha, for those of you who sat next to me in church or at any place where singing occurred, understand what they mean by the best!!

       Tuesday we had the Zone Conference in Central which was so good for me.  The first little while I really struggled understanding what was being said because at our home we speak English and so my mind gets used to English and isn’t able convert to Spanish very quickly, but after the first 20 or so minutes I was able to understand about 60% of what was being said.  It was on gratitude and the need for having an attitude of gratitude which caused me to do some repenting and gave me a new perspective at looking at situations that could be looked at as not so good and seeing the happy side of it and what is possible to learn from it.  We were going to go on splits with the zone leaders but they decided to not do that for the second time.  I was kind of bummed because Ii want to learn how other people teach and their strategies.

     Wednesday was super cool.  We were able to go on splits with our district leaders and I went with Elder Ruis from Ecuador, to their area which was super fun because he is awesome and very nice and humble and throughout the day was always helping me learn Spanish.  As we would walk we actually talked to each other which was a new experience and the way he taught was so simple, clear and didn’t confuse at all.  There was so much to learn and we had fun.  It would be cool if we were able to be companions for the rest of my training.

     Thursday we had a lesson with Kevin and his mom Rosena.  Kevin was baptized the 2nd of August, with his brother Edgar, but the rest of the family are not members.  Kevin is 12 and is a sweet kid.  We taught the Word of Wisdom and asked to them to stop drinking coffee and they said that they would. We are continually working on his mom but she for some reason won’t come to church and the dad is working on Sundays.

     Friday, Kevin accompanied us to an old investigators home named Luz, who is about 30 or so and is half way through a 10 year program for medicine. Luz was almost baptised a year ago but when she told her dad, he told her that she had to choose between religion and school and family because he would stop funding her schooling and kick her out of the house =( Her dad is in the military and is not one who won’t do what he says so we shared with her Matthew 13:44-46 and explained that the church is worth everything and is more valuable than anything possible to obtain in this life and then Mormon 9:19-21 and explained that God is a God of miracles and Elder Woodfield told a story of his mom being tested with cancer, receiving a blessing and when tested again was gone and I shared with her Gage’s story of hearing which really touched her heart and she said she would try for this Saturday to be baptized but she didn’t end up coming to church yesterday.

      Saturday we talked with Sergio and he said that he was able to come to church this Sunday because it was a Jewish New Year, so that was super cool.

        We were also able to find and teach Martin and Geseñia.  Martin is a less active member and his wife is not a member we taught the restoration and committed them to come to church and read together.

      Sunday, was the day of judgment, Sergio was able to come and stayed for the whole three hours he commented that the teachings were so clear and easy to understand, which made me laugh, and his only question was how the organization worked.  Martin and Geseñia came as well to sacrament but had to leave after to go to her brother’s birthday party, which is a huge thing down here.  We were happy that they were able to come. Also, Geseñia is expecting a baby in a couple of months.

Over all it was a good week. 
Thanks for the support.  Trials help the bright days look even brighter.
´´Love everyone´´ and that’s a command!

Love. Elder Call

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